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About me

Hi, I'm Mike! I'm a full stack developer currently living in the Phoenix area. I have always had a fascination with all things technology. I enjoy designing and building websites and apps that showcase new technologies in exciting ways.

Fun Random Facts about me:
  • I love landscape photography. All of the pictures on this site were taken by yours truly.
  • I have a 3 legged cat.
  • My musical taste is as broad as it is random. My playlists can span from Stevie Wonder to Nine Inch Nails and EVERYTHING in between.

I'm currently available for hire, so please take a look at my projects below and contact me to find out how I can help you with your next website or application.


I have noticed these days that a lot of developers use graphs and charts to attempt to quantify their knowledge of different languages, frameworks, and software. As languages and software continue to evolve on a daily basis, adding new and interesting features, and deprecating old ones, I know I will always be in a constant state of learning. I strive to understand the current versions available and will always be on the lookout for new ways to incorporate the latest features into my websites, applications, and designs. With that being said, these represent the items I am most comfortable using:


















reLive screens mockup

reLive - The Concert Experience

html/css/js - nodejs - mongodb - passport - 4 external APIs

reLive was built out of my love for music and concerts. reLive allows you to see what songs your favorite musical artists are playing at their concerts and listen to the setlist long after the show. My most ambitious project to date, reLive uses 4 different APIs to get concert data, photos of the musician, and setlists which you can then listen to and save to your spotify account. reLive uses a full authorization flow using oauth 2.0 to enable users to login through their spotify account which means they can save and view the setlists played by their favorite musicians.

Live Site Github Repo
CoderNews screens mockup

Coder News

react/redux - nodejs - express - firebase - mongodb - external APIs

Coder News is a full stack app which uses the HackerNews API to grab the latest stories about the top progamming languages and display them in an easy to use format. Using a separate server built with nodejs and express, it scrapes the web articles to pull out enough information to fill out the React front-end. Additionally, a fully functional authentication system using Passport was used which will eventually allow the user to save their favorite articles to read later. Coder News was developed as the last capstone project while attending the Thinkful bootcamp.

Live Site Frontend Repo Server Repo
GigMap screens mockup


html - css - js - jquery - external APIs

GigMap allows you to see exactly when your favorite musical artists have played and when. After entering a name, you can choose the specific year, see all of the places they have toured during that year. Designed as a front-end only app, GigMap pulls its data from Songkick and displays it on a custom Google Map to help you visualize the tour.

Live Site Github Repo


Maroon Bells, Colorado
Maroon Bells, CO
Crested Butte, Colorado
Crested Butte, CO
Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
Great Sand Dunes, CO
Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina
Charleston, SC
Washington State
Issaquah, WA
Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina
Charleston, SC
Shi Shi Beach, Washington
Shi Shi, WA
Seattle, Washington
Seattle, WA
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Pacific Coast, Washington
Shi Shi, WA
Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston, SC
Aspen, Colorado
Buena Vista, Colorado
Mt. Princeton, CO
Monument, Colorado

Contact Me

I am currently available for both full-time and freelance work as a web developer in Phoenix. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Phoenix, Arizona

‪(480) 269-1324‬